SS 2016 presentation

Garment-dyed garments in silk and linen get a new look in pigment-treated pastels that in the scarf collection lend casual allure with a délavé effect. All the prints are enriched with deliberately distressed patterns.
The collection includes a “denim look” in an unusual key created by different shades of blue. Cotton and linen are the main fabrics, in jacquard patterns, checks or stripes with a preppy feel. Blue is featured in all its hues and used for the tie, bowtie, scarf and pocket handkerchief.
While the trend is to play with variations on a theme of blue, to which Gierre adds exclusive patterns and designs, white lends a touch of light. In all its infinite versions, white becomes a colour.
Among the various items in the new collection, an auspicious new entry stands out – the original GIERREMILANO lucky charm, a delicate colour composition that enriches the product, making it as unique as a real jewel.