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Elegance is the inspiration for urban style interpreted by Gierre in a “light” version. Natural, soft colours, like beige and shades of brown team with strong hues. Lightweight fabrics in natural fibres, produced exclusively for this Milan company, mix with thick weaves. The result is a chic, cool, versatile look.

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Garment-dyed garments in silk and linen get a new look in pigment-treated pastels that in the scarf collection lend casual allure with a délavé effect. All the prints are enriched with deliberately distressed patterns.

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The collection includes a “denim look” in an unusual key created by different shades of blue. Cotton and linen are the main fabrics, in jacquard patterns, checks or stripes with a preppy feel. Blue is featured in all its hues and used for the tie, bowtie, scarf and pocket handkerchief.

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